Lemon Lily Festival Dates Changed to June 24th & 25th, 2017!

In an effort to have an abundance of lemon lilies in bloom on-site at the Idyllwild Nature Center during this year’s lemon lily festival, the dates have been changed from early July to late June 2017. This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, June 24th and Sunday, June 25th, 2017. Planning for this year’s… Read more »

Spots Still Available For High Country Lemon Lily Survey w/ Forest Service District Botanist Deb Nelson

Above: Photos taken during a pre-Lemon Lily Survey hike. We found dozens upon dozens of lemon lilies along several beautiful mountain creeks in the high-country. There is still an opportunity to register for the once-in-a-lifetime High-Country Lemon Lily Survey Hike on Sunday, July 10th at 9AM. Volunteer forms must be filled out ahead of time,… Read more »

2016 Lemon Lily Festival Guide

Read this year’s festival guide above! Thanks to Haile & the Town Crier Staff for their fantastic work with this year’s guide.

Register Now for Lemon Lily 2016’s Special Guided Hikes!

We are pleased to announce that this year’s festival will feature two very special guided hikes by reservation only. The goal of both hikes is to see wild lemon lilies in bloom– a phenomenon which is well worth the effort! Though of course we can’t predict exactly when these precious lilies will be in bloom,… Read more »

John Malcolm Penn & Bob Furgo Playing Lemon Lily 2016!

John Malcolm Penn’s Bio: To ex Marine and ex drag racer John Malcolm Penn the transition to a career in music seemed normal and logical. Why not race Tom McEwen, and then play music with his brother Richard? Or, when ‘Skinny’ Dennis Sanchez, a best friend and fuel dragster racing partner in earlier times, brings… Read more »

Stone Creek Stompers: 2016’s Lemon Lily Festival Bluegrass Band

The Stone Creek Stompers: This Year’s Must-Hear Band Taking the stage at this year’s Lemon Lily Festival is a bluegrass band with some local roots who collectively have some impressive credits. The Stone Creek Stompers are made up of Idyllwild resident Sandii Castleberry – guitar, vocals, harmonica; John Penn of La Quinta – vocals, banjo… Read more »

Lemon Lily Plants For Sale

The Nature Center gift store now has Lemon Lily plants for sale. $10 to $15 per plant.

Judging the success of planting Lemon Lilies for restoration

During the planning stages for the first Lemon Lily Festival we used money allocated to us by Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone to purchase Lemon lilies from a commercial nursery …

Natural history of our lemon lily

The lemon lily, one of our most spectacular local wildflowers, is rare and uncommon but not on the endangered species list. This 3 to 5 foot plant with large showy yellow flowers and whorled leaves is found in mountain creeks …

Birdseed weeds

Over the years I have occasionally found small sunflowers popping up in my yard in pine cove and elsewhere on the hill. These are wimpy plants that never seem to mature and produce seed, so I attributed them to seeds from my bird feeders. This year I began to notice some plants around Idyllwild that… Read more »

  • Lilium parryi var. kessleri Debunked

    I have frequently been asked about Lilium parryi var. kessleri, so I would like to clear up the confusion about this variety of Lemon Lily. In 1924, Davidson defined a new taxon of Lemon Lily from the San Gabriel Mountains that he called variety kessleri based on the following characteristics: leaves large, ovate to lancelate,… Read more »